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Welcome to the Swedish Dyslexia Association

The Swedish Dyslexia Association was founded in 1989. The members are primarily people who work with children or adults who have severe difficulties in reading and writing. Members include teachers, special educators, speech-language pathologists, doctors and psychologists. The Association, though, is open to all.

The association aims to:

  • Spread knowledge and awareness of dyslexia
  • Put current research into practice in educational settings
  • Monitor and safeguard the interests of people with dyslexia

This is accomplished by:

  • Publishing the journal Dyslexia – Current Issues in the Field of Reading and Writing Disabilities.
  • Maintaining an ongoing dialogue with authorities and different actors in the labor market
  • Arranging educational programs on dyslexia
  • Supporting projects dealing with dyslexia-related educational methods

The Swedish Dyslexia Association works in close cooperation with the Swedish Dyslexia Foundation which consists of internationally prominent researchers who shed light on problems related to dyslexia from their particular fields of expertise. The Association collaborates with the Swedish Association for Persons with Difficulties in Reading and Writing/Dyslexia (FMLS), and the Parent Association of Children with Dyslexia (FDB).

Elisabeth Marx works at the association office. Monday, Tuesday, Thirsday and Friday.
Tel: +46 8-43746239,

Address: The Swedish Dyslexia Association, Surbrunnsgatan 42 1tr ö.g., S-113 48 Stockholm, Sweden




The Swedish Dyslexia Association is a non-profit, national organization with members throughout the country.

Board 2014

Honorary Chairman,  Marianne Bernadotte

Chairman, Christina Hellman, Stockholm

Vice chairman,
Peter af Trampe, Stockholm

Board member, Gerty Engh, Yngsjö

Board member, Siv Fischbein, Stockholm

Board member, Eva Sundberg, Bromma

Board member, Christer Jacobson, Växjö

Board member, Kerstin Johnson Thörne, Göteborg

Board member, Elisabeth Marx, Stockholm

Board member, Kerstin Hyrtefelt, Huddinge

Board member, Anneli Andersson, Lund

Board member, Idor Svensson, Växjö

Board member, Monica Reichenberg, Göteborg